SPANIEN: Plastique Fantastique ist mehr als aufgeblasen

The architecture was made of two main spaces interconnected by two tunnels where visitors experienced the contents in a circular path. The required technical equipment was located in between these tunnels“.

Team: Pietro Balp, Plamen Botev, André Broessel, Marco Canevacci, Gonzalo el Gallego, Jacopo Gallico, Franz Höfner, Antonia Joseph, Alberto Sanchez Cabezudo, Cristina Saquillo, Elena Tonini, Francesca Venier, Markus Vogt, Nicole Wagner, Ragnar Weber, Markus Wüste
Thanks to: Carmen Zedler

MOSKAU: Nichtraucherzone

I got the pleasure of introducing Liquid Works, myself and our 360° content marketing concept to the Russians. The challenge was to install a Marlboro campaign in a country with the strongest anti-smoking laws in Europe…

Political odds but also a lack about of what public relation in times of web 4.0 is, had been against us from the very first moment I think. One hour and 30 minutes of presentation with  neither an awesome welcome nor mineral water or a gentle smile…

It seemed pretty clear that the reluctant shadow of  the ukrainian crisis was our partner.

Nevertheless it was a very interesting experience increasing my intercultural skills, and a real pleasure working with “ Liquid Works“ and „Azul Comunicacion“.

My customer and partner Miguel Mesas from Madrid realized a great video to PMI Russia before –  enjoy!